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ICO launch
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a process of tokens (electronic share of a project) issuance, which operate on blockchain technology basis. Tokens are sold through crowdselling being an effective tool to attract monetary investment to your project realization. We offer a full range of services including tokens issuance, PR campaigns implementation, crowdselling arrangement, ICO launch and further project maintenance.
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Our team is an association of professionals in finance, IT, legal and PR fields.
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We've already launched 3 successful ICOs and are currently working on dozens of projects
To help you save time and money we offer our clients an integrated approach leading your project to successful implementation
Creating and maintaining an account on Telegram
Information coverage and answers to the most popular questions about the project

2 ETH per week
Creating and maintaining a topic on Bitcointalk
We will start the topic at the largest Bitcointalk cryptocurrency forum, providing prompt answers to users' questions.

2 ETH per week
ICO campaign organization takes around 3-4 months. The sales during the ICO are opened within 30-60 days. After ICO campaign closure tokens are distributed between crowdselling participants, and the obtained funds are converted for further project financing within 1-2 months.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Daniil Brodovich
Product Development
Pshenin Dmitry
Irina Yminova
Marketing manager
Paulo Carneiro
Marketing Director
Andreas Bouran
Fundraising manager
Iliya Alekseev
Tatiana Kovlyagina
Simultaneously we create the project web site and promote it to the top results of search engines. After visiting the web site potential investors search for the project information in social networks, where we create controlled communities (+telegram, slack channels) and attract there real interested audience, where they can get the project details. We make a clear video presentation of the project for visual absorption and promote it on Youtube. There we also put videos with well-known experts in cryptocurrency about your ICO. To provide it, publishing in popular media and international ICO-related resources is required
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