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WHAT IS Linkedin promote?
LINKEDIN PROMOTE based solution to make easier, faster and more effective work with LinkedIn.
It significantly saves your time providing maximum effect from LinkedIn network.
It finds right people and candidates, add them to your network, keeps basic talking and follows them to the result.
Advantages and features

Save your time

Save on staff

Mass contacts adding

Get more leads and contracts
Our services help for
Wanna change work or find better contract? Be proactive!
Get the flow of incoming proposals and choose the best ones!
Recruiting agencies
Close vacancies faster, create candidates database even faster!
Crypto projects
FB, Twitter, Google, Yandex, Mailchimp ban ICO and crypto projects promo . But it doesn`t stop us! Cryptobot operates in LinkedIn networks and generates qualified traffic for your projects

Media persons
Increase your audience. Create trust in your person. Stay in touch with your audience.

Business persons
Improve your reputation among professionals and experts from the industry. Create your social circle. To reach a new level of communication.
How it works
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
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Provide recommendations with audience, prepare cover letter, etc.
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After HR Bot starts you will see all results right in personal LinkedIn cabinet
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